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Catch the Roar: Nellie Tiger Travis at the Far Out Funk & Blues Fest

Updated: Mar 29

This year's Far Out Funk and Blues Fest is about to get a dose of soul-stirring, powerhouse blues with Nellie Tiger Travis taking the stage. Known for her electrifying performances and a voice that can move mountains, Nellie Tiger Travis promises to deliver a heart-pounding and exhilarating show.

As we count down to the festival, we're thrilled to give you a sneak peek of what to expect from this blues legend. It's a performance that encapsulates why Nellie is a must-see act at the festival.

Nellie Tiger Travis is not just a performer; she's a blues phenomenon. With a career that spans decades and a voice that embodies the soul of the blues, she's a beacon for fans and aspiring musicians alike. Her presence at the Far Out Funk and Blues Fest is a testament to the enduring appeal and vitality of the blues genre.

Don't Miss Out!

Ready to experience the magic of Nellie Tiger Travis live? This is your chance to be part of an unforgettable night of music and celebration. Secure your tickets now for the Far Out Funk and Blues Fest and prepare to be captivated by the remarkable Nellie Tiger Travis. It's more than just a concert; it's an experience that promises to leave you inspired, moved, and utterly amazed.

Join us for a night where blues and funk come alive, and music fans unite to celebrate the incredible legacy of artists like Nellie Tiger Travis. Get your tickets today and be part of this historic event. We can't wait to see you there!

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