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Celebrating 200 Years: A Deep Dive into Tallahassee’s Musical Legacy with the Far Out Funk & Blues Fest

Updated: Mar 29

As Tallahassee, Florida, celebrates its 200th Anniversary, the city is set to host a groundbreaking musical celebration that promises to be a night to remember. Presented by Indaba, Inc., the Far Out Funk & Blues Fest is a tribute to the city’s rich musical heritage and a testament to its vibrant contemporary music scene.


A Night of Music and Celebration

The festival is scheduled for Friday, April 19, 2024, at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center at 505 W. Pensacola Street, Tallahassee, FL. Doors open at 5:30 PM, with performances running from 6:05 PM until 11:00 PM.

Donna Cotterell, Founder and Director of Indaba, Inc., reflects on the festival, saying, “Anticipate a night that will stay with you for years to come.” With an exceptional lineup of artists across genres and generations, the festival promises an unparalleled experience for music fans.

The Lineup

The festival boasts an impressive lineup of artists:

  • Keith Rodgers: Comedian/Host, Founder & CEO of Black On Black Rhyme/The Back Talk Poetry Troupe

  • Pharaohs of Funk: A dynamic ensemble playing a mix of Jazz, Funk, R&B, Rock, and more

  • DieDra Ruff and the Ruff Pro Band: The Alabama Blues Queen brings her soulful sound to the stage

  • Scottie Clinton: P-Funk royalty, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop artist

  • Nellie Tiger Travis: Renowned blues singer known for her powerful voice and captivating performances

  • Klymaxx: The iconic all-female band celebrates their 40th Anniversary with their fan-favorite hits

  • Zac Harmon: Award-winning blues artist known for his electrifying guitar skills

  • Loose Ends (headliner): British R&B sensation with hit records spanning the 1980s and 1990s

Tickets and Sponsorship

Starting at $35, tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online. The festival also offers a platform for sponsors to connect with a diverse and engaged audience. Opportunities for event sponsorship are currently open, inviting organizations and individuals to be part of this historic occasion. 

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Donna Pearl Cotterell at 850-270-8238 or

The Far Out Funk and Blues Fest stands as the pinnacle of Tallahassee’s Bicentennial festivities, embodying a celebration of music, culture, and community unity. This festival showcases an extraordinary array of musical talent and serves as a testament to the city’s enduring musical legacy. Be a part of this monumental event and celebrate 200 years of Tallahassee’s musical journey.

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