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The Risk of AI

In the realm of online media and news, the waters have grown increasingly murky due to the emergence of AI-generated images and videos, AI voice changers, and the infiltration of deepfakes into political and social realms. These technological advancements simplify the creation of authentic-seeming photos, videos, and audio clips, allowing for the substitution of one figure's image with another in an already-existing piece of media. Consequently, malicious actors now possess yet another avenue for disseminating misinformation and war propaganda, leading to a nightmarish scenario where discerning between credible and flawed news becomes arduous. We find ourselves navigating a landscape where each piece of media we encounter calls into question the foundations of truth. As technology continues to evolve, so must our vigilance and critical thinking skills. Discerning fact from fiction has become a crucial survival skill in the digital wilderness, where the line between reality and fabrication grows ever more tenuous. It is a sobering reminder that the burden of truth rests heavily upon our collective shoulders in the age of AI-generated media.

See below how easily a photo can be manipulated with slight variations.



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